Shield of Dragonfire

Session 1
Crash Landing

The party set about their voyage to the northern lands of the elves aboard the fair ship Nostro, unbeknownst to them the king of the humans was also aboard that ship on a embassy mission. The ships captain, Henry, charged the group with finding the king who was taken captive with some of the other passengers. The ranger, for some reason that is his own declared, “He is no king of mine.” and walks North along the beach. Shortly followed by the gnome after reading some of her ancient tomes on local flora and fauna. The bard, imaging the heroic deeds that he might be able to sing about and regal others with, set off in a hurry to follow the path that the kidnappers went. Luckily the nature gods smiled upon him this day and he deftly avoided a trap that could have sent him to those gods. The cleric and druid showing up shortly after this fumble having actually using the ships captain to the fullest, getting equipment and supplies. His luck however seems to have run out for as he regales the eleven ladies with songs of valor he falls into the hands of a resting band of hobgoblins. However they manage to not be seen.

Meanwhile as the ranger continues on his journey northward his acute hearing picks up a noise that sounds like the weeping sobs of a grown man.

World History
In the last four thousand or so years the land of Sustigaria has been home to peace. Partly that is due to The Shield its magic has blocked all invaders from entering, scrying, or providing any influence to the land. Its magic however comes at a price, nothing comes in and nothing goes out.

However The Shield has slowly begun to weaken over time, and with it magic as we know it. Magic has become more chaotic with practitioners gaining or loosing use of their abilities seemingly at random. Magic creatures as well have become more hostile, encroaching on human territory and more encounters have left people frightened and seeking aid and answers. Its has all been a mystery to the 2 kingdoms that rule Sustigaria.

The Northern Kingdom of Risolia and the Southern Kingdom of Echenia, who up until recent years have been at conflict with one another have decided to put down their arms and research on why The Shield was placed and what it is happening to the world.

There have been several meetings between each of the two kingdoms but nothing has actually been done as of yet. Some say that is due to the council that runs each. To the North the elves have had a command of most of the magic schools and have more of a research mindset to how the world works and in the south the dwarves have tried to mount exploration parties but have been waylay-ed by having to be granted permission to enter the northern lands. The other races of the world, scattered among the different nations, have also tried to do their own activities based on the shield have never had much luck without the backing of Risolia and Echenia


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